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Add them to water, juices, and nut-milks. Blend them into smoothies and sauces. Sneak them into baked goods. Eating organic fruits and veggies has never been this easy.

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We make the world's highest quality fruit and vegetable products, so you can get their nutritious benefits even when you don't have time to eat them fresh.

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Who's Behind Our Brand

Inspired By My Dad

Inspired By My Dad

My dad had open heart surgery when he was 57 and then just a year and half later was diagnosed with colon cancer. His health challenges are what inspired me to develop the KOYAH brand and products to help him eat more organic fruits and veggies...

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Our Team

Our Team

To create the worlds best products you need one crazy awesome team. Click below to meet the people behind the KOYAH brand.

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I have used other Koyah products so trying the kale powder was a no brainer. Awesome for green smoothies & juices but ive been using it to make green almond milk too and its awesome because it doesn't change the consistency!!

Cian D.

Great addition to any smoothie! I add this every time I make a smoothie - it blends in perfectly and doesn’t leave any chunks!


I’ve thrown out what seems like a lot of stale kale and spinach thru the years. With these new Koyah powders, I’ve always got fresh kale and spinach. No matter what the condition of my crisper!

Jack M.

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