Almond Spinach Coffee Smoothie

Almond Spinach Coffee Smoothie

Rise and shine! Who doesn't like a positive jump start to the morning. This smoothie will help get you moving. We added a caffeinated kick with a cup of coffee, made it rich and creamy with dates, almond milk and bananas, then gave it that extra touch of health with our KOHAH spinach powder. 

This smoothie is super healthy. You're getting vitamins, minerals, proteins and an energy boost. Our spinach is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, K, and more. Bananas carry a good amount of vitamin B6 and potassium, and the protein is coming from almonds and almond milk. Dates are full of amazing health benefits and will help with the energy boost from this drink mix. 

In your blender combine: 

1 cup coffee 
1/2 cup almond milk 
3-4 dates 
1 scoop KOYAH spinach  (or 1 cup fresh spinach) 
1/3 cup almonds (any nut will do)
1 frozen banana
Serves 1 

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